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Facing Disruption: Building Sustainably


Monday, April 1 & Tuesday, April 2, 2019
Shaw Conference Centre, Edmonton

Disruption surrounds us. Everything seems more unpredictable. Alberta’s business leaders and safety practitioners need to get a handle on everything that impacts them and their workers.

At FACING DISRUPTION: Building Sustainably, your ACSA will be hosting sessions to help you succeed in a world of accelerating disruption.

Disruption comes in many forms, and we intend to touch on those that are most prevalent today, such as:
• The political climate in Alberta and Canada and how it is affecting construction and safety
• What we have seen in the first nine months of the new health & safety legislation
• Energy issues & conservation & their impacts
• Global climate changes & their ongoing effects
• Upcoming changes to transportation and driving safety in Alberta
• Partnership’s changes to Alberta’s COR / SECOR
• Changes at WCB Alberta
• Global trade tensions and the USMCA
• Social disruptions such as #MeToo, populism, and tolerance
• Truth & reconciliation
• Legalised cannabis and the lessons learned


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