Your ACSA’s updated Auditor Training Program and Auditor Training Program-Recertification courses reflect the changes to legislation and Partnerships in Injury Reduction’s new standards. To register, log into the ACSA student portal or call our office at 1-800-661-ACSA (2272).

ACSA’s 2019 Audit Tool

Your ACSA’s 2019 COR Audit Tool is approved by Partnerships in Injury Reduction (PIR), and we are sharing it with you so you can prepare for the changes that took effect on January 1, 2019.

       ACSA 2019 COR Audit Tool

Along with changes to the layout and scoring methods, we want to highlight the following three primary changes in the new tool:

  1. New element added: Public, Visitors and Contracted Employers (Element 2);
  2. New element added: Health and Safety Committees/Health and Safety Representatives (Element 3) and;
  3. New legislated content: Workplace violence and harassment prevention plans are evaluated within the Hazard Control element (Element 6).

All three of the above have, by design, a scoring emphasis on directive documents (i.e. policies).

For example: if a company has one (1) current workplace violence and harassment prevention plan, as described within questions 6.9­–6.11 on the new audit tool, then it  may be evaluated for a total of 30 points (10 points for each question), or 25 per cent (30/120 points) of the Hazard Control element.

Joint Work Site Health & Safety Committees

Your ACSA is now offering the Introduction to Health & Safety Committees and Representatives (Part 1) and the Health & Safety Committees and Representatives (Part 2) online courses. To register, sign up for an ACSA account or log into the ACSA student portal.

Your ACSA is trying to minimize the impact of the new legislative changes to all our stakeholders. You will find links to free resources and templates that may help you satisfy some of the requirements you will need to meet for the 2019 audit standards under the Downloads section on this webpage.

For more information on the ACSA 2019 COR Audit Tool, please refer to the ACSA New Audit Tool—Highlights & Information document located under the Downloads section on this webpage, or contact us by email at or phone at 1-800-661-ACSA (2272).

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