COR Action Plan

ACSA’s COR Action Plans offer an alternative way for companies to audit and maintain their Certificate of Recognition (COR).

Instead of conducting an internal audit, COR companies now have the option to develop and deliver an Action Plan that maps out measurable goal-setting using a company’s combined corporate and safety objectives.

This self-scoring, holistic approach improves a company’s health and safety management system by strengthening its alignment to, and understanding of, the company’s important corporate objectives.

This innovative approach to evaluating a health and safety system provides companies with an opportunity to ‘think outside the box’ and identify certain gaps in their safety program.

Download our Frequently Asked Questions document on COR Action Plans to help answer some of your questions.

Note: Action Plan applications for 2017 are now closed.

Is your company eligible?

Action Plans are available to COR-holding companies and can only be applied once a company has completed at least one re-certification external audit cycle. A COR member that does not meet the criteria cannot conduct an Action Plan at this time and must instead conduct an internal audit.

Please note that Action Plans are not available to SECOR companies at this time.

To determine if you qualify for an Action Plan, click on the following link and complete the brief questionnaire.

Not yet eligible?

If at this time your company does not qualify for an Action Plan, please continue to follow the standard COR process as outlined on the ACSA website.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact ACSA’s COR and SECOR departments. Or check out our FAQ sheet, which might have the answer for you.

Eligible for an Action Plan?

If interested and eligible, you can download your Action Plan form template here and get started immediately.

In 2016, we provided an instructional video of the Action Plan submission process here to explain each section and a filled out sample form here to demonstrate a complete form. Watch this video to help you gain a better understanding for how to go about implementing and submitting your Action Plan this year. Note: The dates and form in this video are set for 2016. These details will have changed for 2017.

Important Dates
  • Applications for 2017 COR Action Plans will open in February 2017.
  • All applications must be submitted by Friday, March 31, 2017.
  • Action Plans can be amended after the application has been submitted up until August 31, 2017 as long as notice is provided beforehand in writing to the ACSA.
  • Final Action Plan submissions, with deliverables, are due November 15, 2017.

If you submit an application and it is approved, you have until November 15, 2017 to finalize and submit your Action Plan, along with supporting material, for assessment.

Auditor Status

Auditors shall receive credit for the Action Plan in the maintenance year it is performed, based on the following conditions:

  1. They are involved in all steps of the Action Plan;
  2. They have responsibilities assigned within the Action Plan; and
  3. They sign off on the final report.

Contact Us

For further information on Action Plans or to discuss your eligibility please contact ACSA’s COR Reviewer Department. | Tel: 780.453.3311 | Toll Free: 1.800.661.ACSA