COR Action Plan

ACSA’s COR Action Plans offer an alternative way for companies to audit and maintain their Certificate of Recognition (COR).

Instead of conducting an internal audit, COR companies have the option to develop and deliver an Action Plan that maps out measurable goal-setting using a company’s combined corporate and safety objectives.

This self-scoring, holistic approach improves a company’s health and safety management system by strengthening its alignment to, and understanding of, the company’s important corporate objectives.

This innovative approach to evaluating a health and safety system provides companies with an opportunity to ‘think outside the box’ and identify certain gaps in their safety program.

ACSA’s COR Action Plan Application Process

STEP 1: Is your company eligible?

To determine if you qualify for an Action Plan, download and complete the form labeled Step 1 – COR Action Plan Eligibility Questionnaire in the Downloads section of this webpage.

Not yet eligible?

At this time, if your company is not eligible for an Action Plan you will be required to complete the COR Internal Maintenance audit by your certificate date.

STEP 2: Eligible for an Action Plan?

If you are interested and eligible, download and read through the Step 2 – COR Action Plan Instructions for detailed information regarding the Action Plan process. Refer to the Downloads section of this webpage and click on the document link.

STEP 3: Apply!

Once ready, you can download the Step 3 – COR Action Plan Application form and get started immediately. Refer to the Downloads section of this webpage and click on the document link.


Important Dates

  • The application period for 2019 Action Plans is now closed.
  • 2019 COR Action Plan final reports must be submitted to the ACSA by November 15, 2019.


Contact Us

For further information on COR Action Plans or to discuss your eligibility please contact ACSA’s COR Reviewer Department. | Tel: 780.453.3311 | Toll Free: 1.800.661.ACSA