Peer & Consultant Auditors

Not sure of the difference between a ‘Peer Audit’ and a ‘Consultant Audit’ or which one your company is eligible for? This section will take you through the details of both and help you identify which is best suited to your needs.


Peer vs Consultant Auditors

Peer Audit

For some companies, hiring a consultant is not an option, so we offer the Peer Program as an alternative. Through this program, our ACSA setup team will find an auditor on the behalf of the requesting company. In return, the requesting company must have a certified auditor on staff and agree to reciprocate the days owing within 6 months of their own audit.

Under this ‘pay it forward’ system, if your company requires an external audit, and has a full-time employee that is an ACSA certified auditor who can perform your audit, your peer auditor will be required to reciprocate that service back for another company once your own audit is complete.

Peer auditors are not paid by the company they are auditing, though the company they work for must continue to pay them.

To request a Peer Audit, complete the Site Assessment form through the e-audit system. The wait time to arrange a Peer Audit is approximately 4 – 6 weeks.

Consultant Audit

For some companies, participating in the Peer Program is not a viable option, this is where a Consultant Audit is next best suited. For this, your ACSA maintains a list of ACSA-certified consultant auditors to choose from.

The consultant auditors are professionals who have met the requirements of the ACSA and passed the exam. They are held to a higher standard and as such, they charge companies for their time. Consultants are found by the company and dates / cost are arranged between the two parties.

To request a Consultant Auditor, complete the Site Assessment Form through the e-audit system. The wait time to arrange a Consultant Audit is 2 weeks.

Useful Tips

We have a number of useful tips to help guide you through the Peer and Consultant Audit processes, including guidelines for reciprocation, how to manage auditor expenses and a general outline of your responsibilities. Download this Tips for the Peer and Consultant Audit Process document to help ease your audit process.

If you have any concerns regarding the COR process, please visit our COR Process page.


Frequently Asked Questions – Auditing

Still have some questions? Hopefully our Frequently Asked Questions document can help answer some of them for you. This document provides helpful answers and guidelines for the auditing process, including information on timelines; writing auditor notes; scoring; and more. If you still feel like you need some help, you can always email or call our COR Department at: | Tel: 780.453.3311 | Toll Free: 1.800.661.ACSA.

Another great COR resource is the Alberta Labour website.