Course Equivalency

If you have a health & safety certification from a recognized training agency, another provincial safety association, or from another provincial construction safety association, your training may qualify for equivalency status. However, if it is from an unrecognized organization, we will need to perform a gap analysis on the course or certification. The gap analysis application process is described below.

How do I Apply?

Download the Equivalency Application Form (refer to the Downloads section on this webpage), complete the required information, and submit to

Gap Analysis

However, if your course or certification is from an unrecognized organization, we will need to perform a gap analysis to determine if an equivalency exists.

The gap analysis process requires the following to be included in your submission:

  • Complete the Equivalency Application Form
  • Payment of $100.00 per equivalency request
  • Course Content Comparison Chart / Gap Analysis (one for each equivalency requested)
  • Course materials
  • Copy of the Course Certificate and/or Wallet Card

NOTE: If you have taken courses conducted by a safety association that is a member of the Canadian Federation of Construction Safety Associations (CFCSA), or conducted by an Alberta Certifying Partner, you may qualify for fee exemptions. 

Course Name

Do you feel you qualify for an equivalency? Please select the course from the list below and fill out the downloadable PDF form. Once completed, please submit the form to, or upload using your Student Portal profile. If you require assistance, simply call our friendly staff at 1.855.SAF.T.REG .