ACSA’s New eLearning System

Your ACSA will be introducing a new eLearning system this summer. Watch this web page for ongoing updates about the change and how it will benefit you. We will also be providing updates via our LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter accounts.

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Scroll down this page to find out how you can ask questions and provide your feedback.

What You Told Us

Your ACSA is committed to providing leading training services and programs to our students and members. This commitment means we continually review our systems to determine ways to better meet your needs.

We have been gathering feedback from past and present students, facilitators, and member companies on their satisfaction and experience of our training services. This feedback has enabled us to seek out an appropriate new platform meeting the changing needs of our stakeholders. And we are proud to be upgrading to a new and advanced industry-leading eLearning system scheduled to launch in late summer, 2017.

What It Means for You

Users of the new eLearning system will experience great benefits from some exciting enhancements, including:

  • Increased self-service capabilities
    • Students will now be able to independently manage their own course purchases, request refunds, password changes, registration changes and course cancellations. This self-serve capability will make it easier and quicker for you, and will give you greater control over your training budget, system access, and course enrollment.
  • Centralized source for course-related information
    • In the previous platform, course-related information such as course descriptions, results, and evaluations were stored across three separate data applications. This information has now been consolidated into a single space for easier and quicker user access.
  • One source for student and instructor information
    • Similarly, student and instructor information including credentials, contact information, certificates, etc. was stored across multiple systems. This information will now be located in a single space for your convenience.
  • Reporting & tracking
    • The reporting side of the new system will allow us to monitor registration trends and course demand. This will improve our course schedule forecasting so we can better meet the needs and interests of our students and members.
  • Streamlined multi-course purchasing
    • Users will be able to purchase multiple courses through a simplified online process and will no longer be required to submit a printed form.

These benefits will be available to you immediately upon launch of the new system in late summer, 2017. We also look forward to rolling out even more benefits in the future as we develop the many capabilities of this sophisticated upgraded platform.

Important Information for Existing Registrants

As with any change, some disruption can be caused. Please know that everyone at your ACSA is working hard to identify and reduce any issues that might arise during the transition.

Existing registered users should note that this transition will result in a loss of progress data for all incomplete courses.  In other words, your record of registration for any of your courses will be carried over into the new eLearning system, but any partial work already completed for an online course cannot be carried over and will be lost.

If you are one of the students who has already commenced an online course, but you are yet to finish it, we are pleased to announce that there will be a three-month period following the launch of the new platform for you to complete courses and avoid progress loss. Your ACSA’s staff will be contacting all current registrants to ensure that they are aware of the three months allocated for completion after the change over. We’ll be doing this via phone calls and emails. You will not be impacted if you complete your online course before the change over.

Any questions related to your ACSA’s new eLearning system can also be directed to our dedicated toll free line at: 1.800.661.ACSA (2272).

Your ACSA values the opinion of our members, students and facilitators, so please contact us with ideas on how we might make this process easier for you.

We Want Your Questions and Comments

In the lead up to the launch of the new system, we are encouraging our students and users to ask questions and provide comments using our online form, which you can access by clicking here. We will respond directly to your questions, then we will compile and share those responses so our community of safety practitioners can benefit.