Day of Mourning

April 28 has been designated the Day of Mourning, a time when workers, families, employers, and others across Canada come together to remember those who were injured, disabled, or have lost their lives to work-related incidents or occupational diseases. In 1984, the Canadian Labour Congress first declared April 28th Canada’s Day of Mourning. 2016 marked its 32nd anniversary.

Every year, the ACSA and the eight Regional Safety Committees across Alberta co-host public ceremonies to honour the occasion, along with the WCB and other safety associations and committees. At each of the ceremonies and in workplaces across the nation, people observe a moment of silence at 11 o’clock.

Our hearts go out to all who have been injured or killed on the job, and to the families that are left behind. It is as much a day to commemorate those workers whose lives have been lost or injured as it is a reminder to strengthen our resolve to establish safe practices and conditions in the workplace. Together we can work toward a safer workplace for all Albertans.