Joint Work Site Health & Safety Committees (JWSHSC)

Training on JWSHSC

The ACSA has created a half-day course to assist members in meeting the JWSHSC requirements under the new OHS Act. The course topics include:

  • Introduction to JWSHSCs
  • JWSHSC duties and terms of reference
  • JWSHSC meetings
  • JWSHSC member training
  • Roles and responsibilities for Health and Safety Representatives (HSR)

The course also offers several free resources with customizable templates that will allow members to efficiently set up and run an effective JWSHSC.

In May, 2018, the ACSA submitted the completed course and resources to the Government of Alberta (GoA) for approval. ACSA is also waiting for clarification from the GoA as to whether this half-day course will be considered part of the mandatory 16 hours of JWSHSC training now required under the OHS Act.

The ACSA will begin offering the new JWSHSC course as soon as it is approved by the GoA.

In order to aid our members while waiting for approval from the GoA, we have created several resources to aid in the formation and duties of the JWSHSC. Please see the Downloads section of this webpage for the complete list of available resources.

Relevant Courses for JWSHSC Members & HSRs

In addition to the new JWSHSC course, the ACSA has several courses that will assist JWSHSC members and HSRs to fulfill their responsibilities under the new OHS Act. These courses include:

A half-day Respectful Workplace course is currently under development and will be ready for delivery by fall, 2018.

Please keep checking back, join our mailing list, and follow our social media accounts to receive updates.

Revised: July 27, 2018