Marijuana Legislation

After public consultation and debate, the Government of Canada’s legalization of cannabis (marijuana) will come into effect on July 1, 2018.

Each province will be responsible for implementing the legalization and regulation of cannabis products. The Government of Alberta is providing information about the legalization of marijuana and what it means for Albertans at its special website.

The Government of Alberta has sought public input on several factors related to the marijuana legalization, including workplace safety, which has resulted in the Alberta Cannabis Framework. We encourage all safety leaders to read the Framework.

The Government of Alberta has identified 4 policy priorities:

  1. keeping cannabis out of the hands of children and youth
  2. protecting safety on roads, in workplaces and in public spaces
  3. protecting public health
  4. limiting the illegal market for cannabis

Bill 26: An Act to Control and Regulate Cannabis was introduced on November 16.

Please go here to learn more about the Alberta Cannabis Framework and the government’ proposed legislation.

If you are an employer wondering about the realities of alcohol & drug use in the workplace, your ACSA offers a one-day Alcohol, Drugs & Safety (ADS) course.

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Revised November 20, 2017