New Board of Directors Announced at Alberta Construction Safety Association

At our annual general meeting (AGM) in Red Deer on March 21, 2024, the Alberta Construction Safety Association (ACSA) welcomed their new Board of Directors. Remarkably, the Executive Committee members of 2024 will continue their roles, ensuring stability and experienced oversight at the helm. There are no changes to the 2024 Executive Committee members.

The ACSA’s Board of Directors represents a broad spectrum of the Alberta construction industry. It consists of representatives from construction associations, trade contractor associations, and non-association employers and employees appointed by member companies. Their collective aim is to spearhead safety innovation and excellence across the industry and to ensure proper governance of the ACSA as it works to achieve its new five-year strategy.

Mark Hoosein, ACSA’s chief executive officer, expressed his enthusiasm for the new board. “It is an honour to welcome our new members, who bring an unwavering commitment to furthering safety standards within their organizations and the industry. Together, we are poised to foster a robust safety culture that resonates with our strategic plan, enhancing support for our members and tackling the challenges we face,” he remarked.

The ACSA’s new Board Members include:

  • Gary Zeitner, representing the Alberta Roadbuilders & Heavy Construction Association
  • Randy White, representing the Construction Owners Association of Alberta
  • William McLeod, representing the Building Trades of Alberta
  • Rob Calver, representing the Building Trades of Alberta
  • Jill Caine, representing the Grande Prairie Construction Association
  • Nav Dunichand, representing OpenCircle

In his statement, Mark also extended his gratitude to the outgoing Board members for their invaluable contributions and dedication over the past year.

The outgoing ACSA Board members include:

  • Jeff Appelman, who represented the Alberta Roadbuilders & Heavy Construction Association
  • Pascal Contant, who represented the Building Trades of Alberta
  • Jason Wright, who represented the Building Trades of Alberta
  • Pamela Zilinski, who represented OpenCircle

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