ACSA’s New eLearning System Scheduled to Launch this Month.

It has been a year of service enhancements at your ACSA. A large component of our enhancement program is the launch of our new e-learning system. Final testing is now underway and we are close to announcing the launch date. The entire team at your ACSA has been working hard to ensure this planned transition occurs seamlessly and we have been keeping you updated as much as possible throughout the development stages.

We are making this shift to an advanced new system because it provides greater user benefits, such as improved self-service capabilities, centralized storage of course-related information, and streamlined multi-course purchasing. Additionally, the user interface of the new system is more intuitive for easier use.

There are several things you should know about the introduction of our new e-learning system, since the change might affect you and your workers:

  1. Existing users already registered on our current e-learning system should note that this transition will result in a loss of progress for all incomplete courses. If you have started an online course, we urge you to finish it as soon as possible before we launch the new system.
  2. If you cannot complete the course by the launch date, we intend to keep the old system live for a limited time so you can complete what you have started.
  3. In the very unlikely event that you experience issues logging in to your Student Portal account after the launch of the new system, you can call us for assistance at 1.800.661.ACSA (2272) or e-mail us at

Once the final launch date has been set, we will notify you via e-mail and social media posts.

We are encouraging everyone to provide feedback and questions through our special online form located on our website. We aim to respond to your submissions within one business day.

We have set up a special webpage here with more information about the new e-learning system, the benefits it will provide our users, and the background behind it.


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