ACSA’s New eLearning System Update

ACSA’s new e-learning system is undergoing final testing and alignment of internal connections to safeguard against self-service problems. Any new system causes disruption. By reconsidering the planned launch date for our new e-learning system we are able to verify its connections with our administration systems and minimize the potential for disruptions. These connections will make it possible for enhanced self-service options, giving you greater control over your course registrations right from the go-live date.

The new e-learning system will also provide us with sophisticated options that can contribute to easier access and more compelling courses for registrants. Raising the degree of engagement from participants means better retention and training effectiveness, which in turn means greater success in applying new knowledge in the workplace.

We will make an announcement about the launch date via our social media accounts on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. Additionally, we will post information to our special New eLearning System webpage and send special e-mail notices to our subscribers.

Stay tuned! It will be here soon.