The Active NCSO has arrived

The ‘Active’ NCSO is here, with the new standard coming into effect on July 1st, 2017.

After signing the national agreement at last month’s Annual Meeting of the Canadian Federation of Construction Safety Associations (CFCSA), all new registrants  in the NCSO program will now be included under the “Active” standard. This new standard aims to strengthen the NCSO designation, making it more credible while allowing ease of transferability among other provinces.

Existing NCSO’s can obtain an “Active” status by choosing to meet the new requirements, which will mean you will be recognized by CFCSA as meeting the new standard and can reap the benefits it brings. Alternatively, existing NCSOs can opt to stay under their current designation, and leave it as is. This change is not mandatory for existing NCSOs, however we always encourage safety practitioners to pursue continual improvement and professional development, which after all, is the foundation of health and safety management.

Enhancements included in the new standard are new course and maintenance requirements, and a closed-book final exam. Download this helpful Information Sheet for further details as well as this Frequently Asked Questions document to help cover any questions you may have about these changes.

To maintain the alignment between the course requirements for the NCSO and HSA designations, changes have also come into effect for the compulsory and elective course options for the Health and Safety Administrator (HSA). The changes will reflect those brought about with the new “Active” NCSO standard.

Please note that the HSA standard will not change and that none of the other updates to the NCSO will apply to the HSA.

We appreciate your patience and understanding as we go through these important changes, which are brought about through the feedback of our members and the needs of the industry. Contact us at 1.800.661.ACSA (2272) or if you have any questions.

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