The Alberta Cannabis Framework

On Wednesday, October 4, the Government of Alberta released for public input it’s framework for the legalisation of cannabis in Alberta. The framework is based on the submissions and input received in July from about 100 organizations and 45,000 Albertans.

In short, the framework outlines:

  1. A minimum age of 18 to align with existing drinking and tobacco laws
  2. Government management of wholesale and distribution of the products
  3. Strict retail guidelines
  4. Restricted public consumption of cannabis
  5. A limit of 4 plants per household
  6. Possession limited to 30 grams per person over 18 (minors will not be permitted to possess, purchase or consume cannabis products)
  7. Police enforcement of impaired driving laws
  8. A full review of existing workplace regulations to address impairment risks
  9. Controls over advertising and packaging

You can review the framework in greater detail at this webpage and then take the survey to provide additional feedback on the Government’s proposal. You have until October 27 to take the survey or submit your feedback in writing.

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