Calling all Peer Auditors

Your ACSA is looking for people to conduct peer audits. This is a great opportunity to build your career in safety and gain valuable audit experience. If you would like to conduct a peer audit, please contact Melissa at

The Consultant Auditor Application Process will be open as of January 2017. More details to follow.

About the Peer Program

We offer a Peer Program as an alternative to having a consultant do your audit. Through this program, our ACSA setup team will find an auditor on the behalf of the requesting company. In return, the requesting company must have a certified auditor on staff and agree to reciprocate the days owing prior to their next audit.

Under this ‘pay it forward’ system, if your company requires an external audit, and has a full-time employee that is an ACSA certified auditor who can perform your audit, your peer auditor will be required to reciprocate that service back for another company once your own audit is complete.

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