CBC Edmonton’s Portia Clark Speaks with ACSA’s Dan MacLennan About Bill 30

Following the Government of Alberta’s announcement about Bill 30, ACSA’s Executive Director was invited to discuss with CBC Edmonton’s Portia Clark what the changes mean to the construction industry. You can listen to the interview here.

The ACSA is supportive of changes that make workplaces safer and looks forward to the release of the regulations that will support the legislation. In the interview, Dan commends the great work of the majority of employers who take action to ensure their workers’ safety. He explains that they should be recognized for their support of safer workplaces. He also explains how the ACSA provided suggestions on the legislative changes.

Your ACSA is currently planning stakeholder consultations to explore how we can provide the best support in the lead up to June 1, 2018, the date when the new legislation is expected to take effect. And we have started work on developing information and educational materials for employers and employees to support them through the transition.

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