Classes cancelled in Fort McMurray

Our thoughts are with the community of Fort McMurray and the many surrounding towns in the region, who over the past few weeks have been traumatized by the worst fire in the nation’s history.

Thankfully, staff, students and trainers from the ACSA Fort McMurray office were able to evacuate safely, having decided to return to their hometowns or continue to work from the Edmonton Head Office.

For the interim, the ACSA Fort McMurray office will remain closed, with all classes cancelled for the month of June. Please check our website for updates as to when classes will resume in the Fort McMurray location. Students who had classes booked in Fort McMurray, have been accommodated with extra classes on offer at our other training locations.

The ACSA along with the Regional Safety Committees have rallied their support through fundraising opportunities, such as BBQ’s and donation boxes.

The ACSA is teaming up with the Calgary RSC to hold a BBQ on Friday, June 10th (11:00 am to 1:00 pm) in the west parking lot of the Calgary Rocky View office. Invitations are open to anyone who would like to enjoy a burger and donate to the Red Cross.

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