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Our new cloud-based platform is transforming how our members conduct audits.

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MyAudit brings a wave of new features.

Explore the ways we’ve made auditing easy, no matter where you are.

Updated User Interface

Enjoy a more intuitive interface design, simplifying and expediting your audit processes.


Foster trust and accountability through profile hubs, which offer live status updates and enhance the clarity and reliability of your audits.

Enhanced Data Protection

Heightened stability and security measures, ensuring your data remains safe & protected

Seamless Compatibility

Conduct audits seamlessly across all devices, anytime and anywhere. The enhanced compatibility connects you on the go.

ACSA Member Benefit

Use MyAudit at no extra cost with your ACSA membership, reaffirming our commitment to safety and business excellence.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a different question and you can not find the answer you are looking for? Reach out to our COR Team and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

What is happening to the current eAudit System?

The ACSA’s eAudit System will be replaced in 2024 with a new platform called MyAudit.

Who is this going to impact?

This change will affect all ACSA Certificate of Recognition (COR) holders and ACSA auditors.

What if I already started an audit using the eAudit System?

Any audits started in eAudit will be completed in eAudit.

Why is a new audit platform necessary?

Your ACSA is an organization that is committed to being a safety leader. The eAudit System was launched in 2011 and has processed more than 75,000 audits. Using the strategy of, design thinking transformation, member-centric and intentional innovation, eAudit is being replaced by MyAudit.

MyAudit is a cloud-based platform. Based on feedback from many of you, MyAudit aims to provide our members and partners with:

  • Improved user experience for auditors and members.
  • Added transparency for auditors and member companies.
  • Increased stability, security, and device compatibility.

Will this impact SECOR or Temporary Letter of Certification (TLC) holders?

Members that are Small Employer Certificate of Recognition (SECOR) or Temporary Letter of Certification (TLC) holders will not be impacted by this change. Your ACSA will be investigating how SECORs, and TLCs are submitted and evaluated in the future.

When will the changes occur?

MyAudit is planned for release later in 2024. More detailed announcements will be released. For now, no action is required. Stay tuned for more exciting updates by subscribing to the Your ACSA Newsletter, and by referring to

How will this affect auditing?

The audit standards and how you perform an audit will remain the same. The only difference is the platform you use to complete audits.

Why is Your ACSA creating a new platform vs. what is already out there?

We want to keep our members in mind and continue offering quality services with no additional costs.

Do I need to retake my auditor training because of this change?

No, your existing auditor training will still be valid.

Can I request my company audit early if I want to use eAudit?

Yes, absolutely. All audits that start in the eAudit platform will be completed in eAudit.

When will eAudit be phased out?

More details on MyAudit launch dates, eAudit request cutoff, etc. will be communicated and posted our website If you wish to use eAudit for your audit this year and you are within your medium to peak operations (as per the COR standard) you could conduct your audit early. Audits stated in eAudit will finish in eAudit.

Who can I contact for more information?

Updates on details, dates, etc. will be on our ACSA website. Alternatively, you can reach out to the ASCA COR via email We also encourage you to subscribe to the Your ACSA newsletter and follow our social media pages like Facebook, LinkedIn, or X.

Last updated on 2024-05-24