Considerations for selecting a COR Consultant Auditor

Your COR audit is a critical process intended to help your company improve its health and safety management systems. It also qualifies you for future Partnerships in Injury Reduction (PIR) rebates and to bid on some projects.

You can choose to have your audit conducted by a peer auditor or a consultant auditor. We suggest you consider several things if selecting a consultant auditor, as you would when hiring any consultant or contracted employee.

  1. Is the consultant auditor on the ACSA Active List? The ACSA Active List provides information entered by the respective consultant auditor to help you select the best auditor for your company's needs. Only ACSA certified consultant auditors are presented on the Active List.

  2. Does the consultant auditor have company safeguards? As with any supplier or vendor, you might wish to ask for proof of company safeguards, such as:
    • Good-standing at the WCB
    • Errors & Omissions insurance
    • Commercial General Liability insurance

  3. What testimonials or references can the consultant auditor provide? You might consider asking the consultant auditor for some references or testimonials so you can obtain a third party's opinion of the work the consultant performs. Remember, this is a critical process that will have serious implications for your company's future. You need to be sure you are hiring the best person for the job.

  4. What professional designations does the consultant hold? There are many different designations for safety officers, advisors, and COR auditors. You should be aware of the differences between and ask the consultant auditor to demonstrate good-standing with the issuing organisation. Some of the more common designations include: