There are almost 11,000 active Certificate of Recognition (COR)™ and Small Employer Certificate of Recognition (SECOR)™ holders in Alberta, almost half of them are obtained through Your ACSA.

A COR/SECOR shows that the employer’s Health and Safety Management System (HSMS) has been evaluated by a certified auditor and meets provincial standards established by Partnerships in Injury Reduction (PIR).

Other benefits of COR / SECOR include:

  • Creating a proactive workplace health and safety culture.
  • Reducing the risks and costs associated with workplace incidents.
  • Lowering Workers’ Compensation Board (WCB-) Alberta rates and qualifying a company for WCB-Alberta PIR refunds.
  • Improving the overall efficiency at your worksite.

Maintaining a COR/SECOR ensures an ongoing review of an employer’s HSMS so that gaps can be identified and corrected. It also provides employers with a Government of Alberta-issued certificate, recognizing their efforts in maintaining a healthy and safe workplace. And, of course, COR/SECOR qualifies employers for WCB-Alberta premium refunds of up to 20%!

Important to Note

A qualifying condition for both COR and SECOR is that your company is an ACSA member or associate member. To qualify for the SECOR program, your company cannot have more than 10 employees at any given time. Included in this number are all staff covered under your WCB-Alberta account (for example this includes owners, managers, clerical or administrative staff, part-time workers, temporary staff, family members, and volunteers). ACSA cannot accept an application for SECOR for employers with more than 10 employees.

See our SECOR Process and COR Process pages for further details.

Key Elements of COR™ & SECOR™

The components of a workplace’s HSMS will vary depending on the nature and scope of each individual business, but to be effective, we consider the following elements of our current audit tool to be essential:

Program Elements 2019_COR

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