Temporary Letter of Certification

You can apply for a Temporary Letter of Certification (TLC) if your company has a newly developed health & safety program, but does not yet have the required three-months of implemented program documents to complete a COR / SECOR.


Steps to Take

Your ACSA will perform an administrative health & safety program review, to determine if you may be eligible for a TLC (valid for a period of up to 180 days or 6 months). All reviews will be completed in order of received date (first in / first out).

The TLC Application Form and Checklist (accessible from the Downloads menu on this webpage) can be used as a guide to determine if you qualify for a TLC, and should be used to apply if you meet these criteria:

  • You have completed the required program (COR / SECOR) training.
  • Confirm your membership status with the ACSA (must be a current member or associate member).
  • An ACSA COR Review Analyst will review your health & safety program, to confirm all elements are in place and that it meets the COR / SECOR standard.
  • If there are any missing elements, revisions will be required and must be made prior to the letter being issued.
  • All reviews will be completed in order of received date (first in / first out).

There are some restrictions which may mean your company cannot be issued a TLC. These include:

    • Your company was previously issued a TLC that has expired for a period of at least 30 days.
    • Your company failed to request a peer audit prior to the TLC expiring.

  • If re-applying for a temporary letter of certification after your initial certification (TLC/COR/SECOR) has expired, a period of 12 months must lapse between the expiration date and the request for a new TLC.


TLC Extensions

You must submit a written request for a TLC extension to the ACSA COR Department that explains the reason(s) for applying for the extension.

Extensions will be issued at the discretion of the COR department.

Extensions will need to be requested using the TLC Extension Request form signed off by a senior representative within your company. In order for the request to be processed, it must be received prior to the date of expiration.

Please contact the COR Department at COR@youracsa.ca to get a copy of the TLC Extension Request form.


Out of Province TLC

For companies outside of the province who do not have an account with Alberta WCB and do not have COR in their home province, we offer the Out of Province TLC. As with our other TLCs, the Out of Province TLC is valid for six months and can be used to bid on work in Alberta. In order for out of province companies to continuously bid on work in Alberta, we strongly recommend that you take the required steps to achieve your Certificate of Recognition (COR).

Please complete the Out of Province TLC Application Form and checklist (accessible from the Downloads menu on this webpage) to apply and to verify what documents must be submitted. Once you have gathered all the items on the checklist, you can submit the required documentation along with the application form to the ACSA for review.

Please submit your application form (with payment information) and all required documents to the following address:

Alberta Construction Safety Association
225 Parsons Road SW
Edmonton, AB  T6X 0W6

Fax: 780.455.1120 or Email: cor@youracsa.ca