Temporary Letter of Certification

If your company has developed a health & safety management system (HSMS) but does not yet have the required three-months of documentation to achieve COR or SECOR certification, you may be eligible to apply for a Temporary Letter of Certification (TLC).

The TLC is designed to allow a company to bid on work, while working on implementing their health and safety program. Once the company has the minimum required amount of documentation and/or an active worksite, they will go through the certification process to achieve their COR/SECOR.

The Alberta Construction Safety Association (ACSA) only accepts emailed TLC applications.
We no longer accept paper submissions or USBs mailed to the office.

For information on how to submit your TLC Application, please see “Submitting your TLC Application” below.

TLC Process

To obtain a TLC, the following steps must be taken.

  1. Register your company with the ACSA by completing the Membership Application
  2. Have at least one full-time employee at the company complete the training requirements (note: it does not need to be one person completing all the training courses, it can be divided amongst separate employees)
    • COR Training Requirements include:
      • Principles of Health & Safety Management
      • Alberta OHS Legislation Awareness
    • SECOR Training Requirements include:
      • Small Employer (or Principles of) Health & Safety Management
      • One industry specific training course (CSTS, ESTS, RSTS, or PCST)
  3. Submit the TLC Application and Checklist (refer to downloads section) with your health and safety manual to the ACSA for an administrative review
    • Note: all elements listed on the checklist must be included in your health and safety program
  4. The administrative review will verify if your manual has all required elements and if so, you will be issued a TLC

Submitting your TLC Application

Effective March 14, 2020, the ACSA will only accept electronic TLC Applications. We will no longer accept mailed submissions (paper or USB).

If a company does not have an electronic version of the HSMS, they will be required to scan it so it can be submitted electronically. All attachments/documents must be labelled appropriately and easy to identify. The application form should be saved as its own document.

When you ready to submit your application form and HSMS, you can submit by either

  1. Emailing a compressed (zipped) folder to cor@youracsa.ca, or
  2. Saving the submission online (e.g., Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Docs, etc.) and sending a download link to cor@youracsa.ca.

If you have any questions regarding the submission of your TLC Application, please contact the COR department.

Out of Province TLC

For companies outside of the province who do not have an active account with Alberta WCB and do not have COR in their home province, we offer the Out of Province TLC.

Use the Out of Province TLC application and checklist to verify what documents your required to have in your health and safety manual. Once you have verified your health and safety program contains all required elements, you can submit the application form and checklist with your health and safety manual to the ACSA for an administrative review. If approved, you will be issued a TLC to help you bid on work in Alberta.

Please note there is a $250 (plus GST) administrative fee to apply for an Out of Province TLC. After you submit the application, you will be contacted for payment information. Your application is not received until payment has been made.