SECOR Updates

December 24, 2020

YourACSA recently sent out a survey to our SECOR members to obtain feedback about what’s working in the SECOR processes, and what can be improved.

We take your suggestions seriously, and sincerely thank you for your input.

One frequent suggestion is to decrease redundancy.  We agree and can reduce the amount of documentation we ask companies to submit that may not have changed year over year (e.g. policies, procedures, etc.).

Effective January 4, 2021, SECOR members in a ‘maintenance’ year will have the option to submit sample records to show ongoing use of the OHS system for the previous 12 months, without resubmitting the entire documentation the ACSA has on file from your previous SECOR certification submission.

What does this mean to you?

SECOR members in a maintenance year will only need to send samples of their ‘Operational’ documentation for the previous 12 months.

Examples include:

  • hazard assessments (formal and site-specific)
  • PPE maintenance and inspection reports
  • maintenance records
  • completed orientations and safety training (internal/external training)
  • safety meetings
  • worksite inspections
  • investigations
  • emergency drill records and company contacts
  • records and statistics
  • action plans and supporting documentation as proof of completion.
  • contracting Services

Directive documents are pre-established Policies and Processes within your health and safety management system.

Examples include:

  • health and safety policy
  • safe work practices/procedures
  • preventative maintenance program
  • inspection policy/process
  • investigation process

How can the ACSA evaluate our program if we only send in operational documents for review?

If there have been no changes to your Directive documents, the ACSA will reference previously submitted Directive Documents.

Please note that directive documents are policies/processes only. Sample documents showing ongoing use of your health and safety management system (Operational Documents) are still required to be submitted.

We’re here to help you. Should you have questions, please contact the ACSA COR Department at or 1-800-661-ACSA (2272)