Course Updates

Standard First Aid & Fall Protection End-user

Your ACSA administers and co-ordinates two courses that are run on a cost-recovery basis:

  1. Standard First Aid
  2. Fall Protection End-user

Any changes, updates, or amendments to these courses result in costs to the ACSA. Changes to Standard First Aid and Fall Protection End-user have meant a slight increase in the course costs which will come into effect on January 1, 2018.

Standard First Aid will increase from $125 to $140. The exact same course conducted at a Saint John Ambulance location is $150, so ACSA remains the most economical option. Fall Protection End-user is increasing to $190.

ACSA is proud to offer high quality safety training at the lowest prices compared to other safety associations.

Leadership for Safety Excellence

The newly updated Leadership for Safety Excellence started on November 20. This course includes more interactive and compelling components, helping students to return to work ready to apply their newly learned skills.

WHMIS 2015 Train-the-trainer

The newly updated WHMIS course will start January 1, 2018. The improvements to this course cover the recent updates to the global WHMIS system.

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