Instruction by Request (IBR)

We strive to make the learning experience as effective and accessible as possible. Your workers can’t make it to one of our facilities for a class? You wish to train a number of workers simultaneously? Not a problem, we’ll come to you!

We are pleased to offer on-site course training at your facility or any qualifying preferred location in Alberta or elsewhere.

In order to ensure that we provide you with quality training while at your site, we ask that you provide a suitable space with a few key elements for effective training delivery:

  • A quiet area with access limited to only students and instructors in order to avoid interruptions.
  • Adequate space for the instructor and students to move around and to accommodate classroom activities.
  • A clean area with work surfaces for students to complete course work.

The rest is up to us! ACSA provides all the learning materials required for the training session.

To request an exclusive training session for your workers, please download the Instruction by Request (IBR) Form and submit it to