Using ACSA’s eLearning System

In early-2018, your ACSA launched a new e-learning system, providing our users with superior self-service options and a better learning experience. This webpage provides the information you need to gain the most from our e-learning system.

User Reference Guide

An introductory user guide is available in the Downloads section of this webpage. This PDF document is an excellent reference for your first time accessing the system. It will quickly get you up to speed and will help you locate other user aids.

If you experience any issues, please contact our Client Services Representatives at 1.800.661.ACSA (2272) or email us at

Please Note: If you are accessing ACSA’s CSTS course, you will need to turn on Adobe Flash Player in your web browser. If you do not have Adobe Flash Player, please download and install it from

The Benefits

Users of ACSA’s e-learning system will experience great benefits, including:

  • Increased self-service capabilities
    • Students can independently manage their own course purchases, request refunds, password changes, registration changes and course cancellations. This self-serve capability will make it easier and quicker for you, and will give you greater control over your training budget, system access, and course enrollment.
  • Centralized source for course-related information
    • In the previous platform, course-related information such as course descriptions, results, and evaluations were stored across three separate data applications. This information has been consolidated into a single space for easier and quicker user access.
  • One source for student and instructor information
    • Similarly, student and instructor information including credentials, contact information, certificates, etc. was stored across multiple systems. This information is now be located in a single space for your convenience.
  • Reporting & tracking
    • The reporting side of the system will allow us to monitor registration trends and course demand. This improves our course schedule forecasting so we can better meet the needs and interests of our students and members.
  • Streamlined multi-course purchasing
    • Users can purchase multiple courses through a simplified online process and will no longer be required to submit a printed form.

We look forward to rolling out even more benefits in the future as we develop the many capabilities of this sophisticated upgraded platform.


Revised: October 24, 2018