Enform + OSSA = Energy Safety Canada

Energy Safety Canada
Energy Safety Canada

The merger of Enform and Oil Sands Safety Association has created Canada’s newest safety association, Energy Safety Canada (ESC). In a media release, ESC explains it will be the national voice for the oil and gas safety.

A formal launch event was held on Wednesday, October 18 at the Calgary Petroleum Club. Senior executives from the oil and gas sector attended, and heard from Mike Williams, the electronics technician who survived the Deep Water Horizon disaster of 2010 in which 11 people were killed. His story highlighted the need for a culture of safety within the industry.

ESC President, Murray Elliott stated that nothing has changed yet and business is continuing as usual for the former Enform and OSSA entities. However, he mentioned that changes will be introduced and new initiatives will be launched in the coming months.

More information is available at ESC’s interim website, energysafetycanada.com.


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