ERSC Promotes Safety at High School

On July 25th, our Edmonton Regional Safety Committee was promoting awareness among students of W.P. Wagner High School as they facilitated a session on work place safety, with a particular focus on providing an understanding of their safety rights as employees and the duties of their future employers.

This session, one of many similar initiatives hosted by the Edmonton RSC, is taking a proactive approach to safety awareness training by introducing the concept of safety to youth before they enter a work site. The conversation focused on the many different spaces and places that hazards can exist from construction, to retail, to the food service industry.

Rob Vandertas, Edmonton RSC Chair, shared his favorite moment from the July 25th session. He and a fellow committee member were approached by a student asking how to safely use a ladder on stairs, as her mother was doing some painting at home and it looked suspect to her…. they chatted for a few minutes and were able to provide the student with some helpful options. “Having that one conversation makes it all worthwhile,” says Vandertas.

The Edmonton RSC will continue to host awareness sessions through the fall and Winter of 2017/2018.

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