Get ready for a new Legislation Awareness course

We have updated our one-day classroom Legislation Awareness course. The improved content and structure creates a greater learning experience for participants.

The new Legislation Awareness course launches on September 1, 2016. This course is for owners, employers, managers, supervisors, and workers who want to increase their knowledge of the Alberta Occupational Health & Safety legislation and its practical application. It is also one of the four required courses for the Certificate of Recognition (COR) Program.

Revisions made include:

  • Updated information on the OHS Act
  • Different types of legislation beyond OHS that may affect a work site
  • Components of the compliance model used by OHS
  • Specifics of the Criminal Code requirements for health and safety

The course format reflects new course design elements that improve the learning experience for participants, who will gain extensive experience searching for applicable OHS legislation. Finally, the course includes an exam to verify understanding.

Online e-Leg course changes

Please also be aware that as a result of these changes, registrations will be discontinued for the online course for Alberta OH&S Legislation Awareness as of Friday August 19, 2016. Participants currently enrolled for the online course will have until December 31, 2016 to complete it.

Please contact your ACSA’s Client Services department if you have any questions.

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