Ground Disturbance 201 Online

Your ACSA is reducing the price for its online Ground Disturbance Level 201 Alberta Common Ground Alliance (ABCGA) endorsed training course, from $94.50 to $80! We expect to make the change during the week of April 9, with final details to be publicized through our social media accounts.

This course is available with a proctoring option. If you choose this option, the system will verify the identity of the learner. This is done using the capabilities already built in to web browsers and webcams, so no additional software needs to be installed.

ABCGA-endorsed Level 201 classroom training will remain available through the end of June, 2018, after which time those requiring ABCGA-endorsed training will be directed to our online offering or to other approved providers until further notice.

Watch our Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts for the announcement.

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