‘I’m a certified auditor, can I charge a fee to perform audits?”

A common question we receive is: “I’m a certified auditor, can I charge a fee to perform audits?” The answer is yes and no.

The ACSA recognizes two types of auditors: Consultant Auditors and Peer Auditors.  If you are not an ACSA  Consultant Auditor, then you are a Peer Auditor. You will know if you are an ACSA Consultant Auditor. The Consultant Auditor Program includes an application process. Only ACSA certified Consultant Auditors may charge a fee for an audit.

A peer audit is an exchange of audit services between employers in the peer exchange program.  It is a ‘pay it forward’ system. A peer auditor cannot invoice or accept a fee for a peer audit. Peer auditors may be reimbursed out of pocket and travel expenses required to perform peer audits. Before commencing the audit, a peer auditor should obtain clarification from his or her employer about how they will be reimbursed.

The list of approved ACSA Consultant Auditors is on our website, and more information on our peer audit exchange program is on this page on our website.

Would you like to become an ACSA Consultant Auditor?  You can apply here.

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