Important Changes to the Consultant Auditor Application Process

In an effort to continually enhance our programs and processes, applications for Consultant Auditor Program were paused to allow time to explore improvements through a period of review.

During the review process, our first step was to meet with our member companies so that we could gather feedback on their past experiences with consultant auditors, as well as gain a clear understanding of their expectations from the program. Our second step was to host focus groups with a sample of our current consultant auditors to secure the auditor’s perspective on expectations from your ACSA, hiring companies, and fellow auditors. Additionally, we consulted with the On-Site Audit Review (OSAR) program, which identified gaps in our current program. We were able to draw on this information to ensure that appropriate processes are followed going forward.

Your ACSA appreciates and values all thoughts and contributions provided to us during these sessions. Having now completed our extensive review and consultation process, we have applied member, consultant and OSAR feedback to an enhanced program. We are confident that this improved program will ensure that participants of your ACSA’s directory of Consultant Auditors are meeting the highest level of professionalism, expertise, and auditing knowledge.

We are now accepting applicants to the new Consultant Auditor Program. The interactive application package is available by clicking here. For full functionality, please download and open the package in Adobe Reader.

Looking for more information? Please contact your Consultant Auditor Program team for further details at

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