GoA Seeking Input on Transportation Safety

In response to the Humboldt crash, the Government of Alberta announced this week that it is seeking public input on the testing of professional drivers and safety certification of commercial transportation companies. According to an article in the Calgary Herald, Transportation Minister Brian Mason said on Tuesday, July 9 that the “province had been working on improved training regulations last year but the tragic crash put trucking safety ‘on the front burner’ for the ministry”. CBC Edmonton quoted Mason as saying the licensing system was not functioning correctly after 25 years of privatization and “a complete lack of oversight”.

The changes in safety requirements of drivers and transportation companies is in line with the government’s recent enhancement of safety regulations across many industries, including construction. The Canadian Trucking Association released a statement supporting the government’s moves and urged other provinces to follow Alberta’s lead. The Alberta Motor Transport Association also supports the proposed changes.

Of particular note, and something that has gone widely unreported, is that in the next two years, mandatory driver training is expected to be a requirement for all Canadian commercial drivers who operate in the United States.

ACSA encourages you to spend five minutes taking the short survey. We are all road users, so these changes can make our highways safer for everyone. The public has until July 27 to complete the online survey which is now available on the Government of Alberta website.


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