Our look has changed, but we’re still the same

Your ACSA has a new brand, which includes a new look. Our new brand is based on a promise. The same promise we’ve kept for the past 28 years; to provide exemplary leadership to empower people to make construction workplaces safer.

It centres around four core attributes:

  • Knowledge
  • Friendliness
  • Excellence
  • Resoluteness

Our new visual identity exemplifies and celebrates these core attributes of the ACSA, which would not exist without the dedication of our people.

It is the dedication of our people and their unrelenting effort that has created and connected a community of safety leaders in the province’s construction industry, and enabled employees and employers to make workplaces safer.

Our new visual identity draws from our history and leaps ahead to reflect our leadership role in the safety sector.

We build partnerships that help connect a growing safety community, throughout regional and metropolitan centres across Alberta. Together, using these links, we are making a difference.

Have a look at this video, taking you through the development of our new logo.

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