ACSA Launches New e-Learning System

After months of hard work, testing, and double- and triple-checking, ACSA’s new e-learning system is now live.

Our new system provides online learners with a more advanced user experience and an enhanced learning environment. It’s a more intuitive system that offers a number of sophisticated delivery options.

ACSA’s Senior Project Manager, Brent Schneider said he is delighted with the results. “It was only through the hard work of ASCA’s dedicated and committed employees and our service providers that this project has met all its objectives. When its bedded-in, this system will be fully scalable, and it will allow greater responsiveness to our members’ needs for course delivery and customer service. The self-service component is especially helpful in this regard”.

A Student User Guide is available for download from our website: 

We want to remind all users of ACSA’s e-learning system that there remains a couple of things they should be aware of:

  1. Students who have partially completed an online course should complete it as soon as possible. We are providing a limited period before we disconnect the old online training system. When that occurs, any progress will be lost and students’ progress data will be lost. These students will be required to start over in the new system.
  2. Students will not be impacted if they started their online training course on or after Monday, January 8. 

Some transcript data for students who completed courses in the fall will be imported into the new system soon. More details about the new system are available at our special webpage with updates being posted to our social media accounts.

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