New e-Learning System Will Go Live on January 8, 2018!

New LMS 20171204

ACSA’s new e-learning system is scheduled to go live on January 8, 2018. The new system will feature a more sophisticated user experience, improved registration for our members’ administrators, and greater flexibility in how we can deliver our training courses to all parts of the province.

Your ACSA is in the process of communicating the go-live date to all facilitators, current registrants for online training, and new registrants. The system changes will mean potential impacts for some users.

Existing registered users should note that this transition will result in a loss of progress data for all incomplete courses.  In other words, your record of registration for any of your courses will be carried over into the new eLearning system, but any partial work already completed for an online course cannot be carried over and will be lost.

If you are one of the students who has already commenced an online course, or a facilitator for students currently registered for one of our e-learning courses,  we are pleased to advise that there will be a limited period following the launch of the new platform for you or your employees to complete courses and avoid progress loss. 

Students will not be impacted if they complete their online course before January 8, 2018.

In the pursuit of excellence, and in the best interest of a seamless transition for our students, facilitators, and other stakeholders, we have invested time to reduce potential risk, ensuring we launch a new system that will perform to its greatest abilities with the least possible inconvenience to you.

We will be making announcements and providing reminders via our social accounts on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn as the date draws nearer.

More details about the new system are available at our special webpage.

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