NHSA & NCSO online proctoring

Complete your NHSA™ and NCSO™ exams anywhere, with an internet connection.

Online proctoring helps expand our outreach across Canada and globally, allowing our students taking our courses to complete their NHSA™ and NCSO™ exams online.

Online proctoring was created to further enhance our health and safety culture by allowing students to take their exams from the comfort and safety of their own homes. In the past, we’ve had students drive long hours in winter conditions or have to fly from different provinces to write their NCSO™ exam. Online proctoring offers increased accessibility to all our members and reduces some barriers to achieving their NCSO™ or NHSA™ certifications.

What to Expect:

Exams are already stressful. Proctored exams shouldn’t cause more stress just because they’re online. The good news is, that Your ACSA has collaborated with Integrity Advocate to offer proctoring technology that is seamless (you never have to leave the exam), privacy compliant, and non-invasive. And best of all, it works on all current and up to date laptops and desktops.

In the video below, you’ll find everything you need to prepare for your upcoming proctored learning event.

Online proctoring requires the following:

  • Be approved to write the NHSA™/NCSO™ exam. To do this, submit the appropriate exam application
  • Present a valid government issued Photo ID
  • Have a desktop/laptop computer with Google Chrome browser installed
  • Windows 10 or higher
  • Must have a functioning webcam
  • Must have a stable internet connection capable of running exams and a webcam at the same time  (5-7 Mbps required)