Parkland RSC’s Fallen Worker Memorial

ACSA’s Parkland Regional Safety Committee (PRSC) has unveiled its Fallen Worker Memorial. This special project was headed by volunteer Treena Dixon and involved the collaboration of myriad committed suppliers, individuals, and organizations.

The memorial is located at Bower Ponds in Red Deer, a place where visitors can take a moment and reflect quietly on those affected by workplace incidents.

PRSC produced a video about the memorial’s construction. The video features interviews with those involved in the project, details the background, and tracks its progress.

If you would like to get involved in the important work of your Regional Safety Committee, please visit the ACSA’s RSC webpage and e-mail them for information about their next meeting. You will find like-minded people working hard to raise awareness of the ACSA and safety issues in the construction industry.

You can watch the PRSC’s video here:

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