Q&A – Understanding the new PHSM

Q. PHSM is now two-days and no longer available online; why the change?

A. Feedback from our members and students told us that the online course did not adequately teach people how to build a program, nor did it prepare those taking the auditor (ATP) course. We heard you and decided to create a substantial two-day course that would help you put theory into practice.

Q. What has changed?

A. The content is similar, but the two-day format now allows us the time to explore each section and includes activities that teach participants how to build the individual components of a program.

The new PHSM also now incorporates the Small Employer Certificate of Recognition (SECOR) Course, opening the door for small employers to receive the same training as the rest of the industry. This approach will help improve their health and safety performance, create a culture of proactive workplace health and safety and reduce the risk and costs associated with workplace incidents.

Another great addition is the comprehensive step-by-step guide, with more than 40 free resources with workable templates, providing employers with the tools and ability to build an effective health and safety manual, plus much more.

Q. Are there any reasons why students who took the old course may want to take the new one?

A. Feedback has showed that many students who took the one-day or online course simply hired someone to create their manual. Sadly, some of these members were taken advantage of since it is very rare that a ‘canned’ manual will meet the COR standards.

By taking the new course, members that have struggled with program building or audits are shown how each section is connected, and what Partnerships (the Government of Alberta) looks for in a program.

Plus refresher training is always a good idea.

“I finally understand the difference between formal and site-specific hazard assessments now!” – Student.

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