SECOR Training Requirements

As we combine our efforts to advance safety culture within small employer health and safety programs, your ACSA is expanding opportunities for SECOR training requirements.

For initial certification, the SECOR assessor must be certified in Principles of Health and Safety Management (PHSM) (previously Small Employer Health & Safety Management Course); and, a full-time employee must be certified in CSTS and in Standard First Aid Certificate (two day course).

As maintenance, at least one full time employee must take an accredited ACSA course every three years.  This maintenance requirement is no longer restricted to the assessor, and the list of ACSA courses is no longer limited.  It is the company’s responsibility to maintain the SECOR training requirements, current at the time of evaluation.


Assessor – An individual who puts together the SECOR submission and completes the evaluation tool.

Consultant An individual or company that is hired to aid in company matters.

Evaluation Tool The document completed by the assessor to certify or maintain a SECOR. This evaluation needs to be submitted annually, along with the supplementary documentation.

Full time employeeAn employee is deemed to be full-time when he/she is employed in a continuous capacity based on approximately a 30- 40-hour work week. This individual’s name must appear on the company’s payroll and be covered by the WCB account.