Take a Walk Day – August 18, 2016


As we age, the daily wear and tear on our bodies puts us at risk for back pain. Habitual activities like gardening, picking up a child, unloading the dishwasher or even coughing, can cause back pain. A great way to prevent or ease certain back pain is to simply take a walk!

This year, we’re supporting the annual ‘Take a Walk Day’, held on Thursday August 18 and sponsored by the Workers’ Compensation Board.

The campaign is aimed at encouraging people to remain active, especially through back pain, so to raise awareness on this important health activity, ACSA staff and students are invited to register to walk in their lunch break at the Edmonton office on August 18th.

‘Take a Walk Day’ originated in 2012 as an internal event created to educate WCB employees about the back pain campaign messaging, of staying active. Participation grew exponentially year to year, and in 2014 it was decided to expand the campaign to include all Albertans.

Registered participants will receive a variety of promotional items–including Frisbees, golf balls, gel packs, sunglasses, water bottles and more, as well as enter the draw to win a Bluetooth speaker.

And the good news is you don’t have to be at the ACSA office on the day to participate. Anyone who registers in the lead up to the event, can walk anywhere, anytime, and any distance, just as long as it is on Thursday, August 18th.

To register visit www.backactive.ca or sign up when visiting the ACSA Edmonton building.

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