Theme Set for ACSA’s 2018 Conference in Calgary

Safety is becoming a more prominent issue for workers of all nations. Consumers are forcing retailers to source products from ethical manufacturers, and shunning those who source from sweatshops. World headlines have featured stories of crane collapses on construction sites in New York and in China. Safety is no longer simply a regional issue. It crosses all borders.

Reflecting this evolving dynamic, we are excited to announce that the theme for ACSA’s 2018 conference is Safety Without Borders. With ever increasing diversity in the workplace, the development of international standards, and the need for cross-departmental and inter-company safety co-ordination, safety constantly crosses boundaries of all kinds. Discussing safety in this context is not just important, it’s very timely, too.

Over the next few months, we will be announcing other exciting new developments for the conference, with early-bird registrations to be announced soon.

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