Updated Legislation Awareness Course – August 1

Your ACSA has updated its Legislation Awareness course to address the provincial government’s changes to the OHS system and is scheduled to launch the updated course on Wednesday, August 1. Each trainee will receive a copy of the Queen’s Printer’s Occupational Health and Safety Handbook to take with them after completing the course.

This course is designed to give participants a solid understanding of the basic structure of Alberta’s OHS legislation. Participants will learn to successfully locate information in the OHS Handbook by completing individual exercises and participating in group work.

If you have taken Legislation Awareness, please give some consideration to refreshing your knowledge.

Course Topics include:

– Overview of the different types of legislation that may impact a workplace
– Structure and content of Alberta’s OHS Act, Regulations, and Code
– Locating information in Alberta’s OHS Legislation Handbook
– Overview of the OHS compliance and enforcement tools used in Alberta

If you wish to learn more or to register for the course, please visit our website or call our Client Services Representatives at 1.800.661.ACSA.

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