Updates to Worksite Investigation Basics & Legislation Awareness

Adult education is a science and art all of its own. Safety training courses provided at your ACSA are developed using the latest theories and training techniques in the field of adult learning. This is just one way we achieve greater rates of retention and workplace application of the knowledge we share.

For example, practicing new behaviours encourages speedier uptake and better implementation. With this in mind, Worksite Investigation Basics and Legislation Awareness have both been updated to make them more interactive and engaging for adult learners.

Additionally, keeping up to date on new safety legislation can be challenging. Your ACSA does all the heavy lifting for you by keeping in touch with the Government of Alberta and introducing into our safety training courses any changes the government might implement. If you have not taken Legislation Awareness in a few years, it might be good time to consider revisiting this very important course.

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