Improvements Underway to Your ACSA’s Online Learning Platform

As reported in previous issues of ‘Your ACSA Update’, we have been exploring opportunities to provide greater value for our students, instructors, facilitators and members. We have identified the best path forward to realizing this goal and have begun work on an upgrade to our e-Learning system which is scheduled to launch in late summer, 2017.

This upgrade includes a transition to a new and enhanced platform offering a variety of new benefits to our users. Some of these exciting enhancements include increased self service capabilities and a one-stop-shop to access course information.

Further information on these and other improvements can be found on our New e-Learning System web page.

Your ACSA is implementing this change because we are committed to proving leading training delivery services and content to our members and students while positioning ourselves for continued growth.

It is important for a number of our users to note is that this transition to a new platform will result in a loss of progress data for all incomplete courses. This means that a record of registration in any given course will be carried over and recognized in the new system, but the data representing any partial work done within that course cannot be carried over and will be lost.

We are pleased to announce that there will be a three-month period, after the launch of the new platform, for current registrants to complete courses and avoid progress loss.

Our friendly ACSA staff will be directly contacting all registrants at risk of losing their progress to ensure that they are aware of the risk and the period of time allocated for completion. We’ll be doing this via phone calls and emails.

Please visit ACSA’s New e-Learning System webpage to learn more and access any news on the upgrade.

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