Working Around Mobile Powered Equipment Scheduled to Launch SOON

Thanks to funding from a court decision, your ACSA has been developing a new safety course. As the course title indicates, Working Around Powered Mobile Equipment (WAPME) addresses worker safety when working in proximity to motorised equipment.

The course description explains it in more detail:

  • This one-day course is designed to increase awareness of the hazards associated with working around PME and the ways those hazards can be controlled. Workers, safety personnel, supervisors, and employers will all benefit from completing this course. Incident reviews and case studies of actual incidents will provide all participants with better strategies to keep everyone safe when working around PME.

This course was developed with funding from a fine levied as the result of a worksite fatality. Because ACSA’s Course Development department is very effective and efficient, we have surplus funding which will be applied to registration fees for a finite number of people.

Registrations for this course will open soon and will be FREE until the surplus funding is exhausted.

Please watch our social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn announcing the launch of registrations for this course.

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