WCB Surplus Dividend Cheques

During the week of June 13, ACSA members will receive surplus dividend cheques from the WCB. These surplus dividends are triggered when the WCB’s investment income exceeds expectations.

In order to make the necessary ongoing improvements and technological advances to the services and products your ACSA provides to the construction industry, a very small contribution is deducted from surplus dividend cheques.

These small deductions add up to make significant enhancements to the critical tools and training systems of the ACSA and other affiliated associations. Your contributions are based on your company’s WCB industry code(s), which means you only pay into the services applicable to your sector.

Specifically, the 2016 levy will fund the following:

  • Alberta Construction Safety Association: $500,000 for the improvement and update of the current CSTS training system (contributions from all ACSA members)
  • Alberta Road Builders and Heavy Construction Association: $250,000 for the Silica Online Assessment Tool (contributions from ACSA’s members with industry codes associated with roadbuilding)
  • Canadian Homebuilders Association: $350,000 for the creation of a complimentary residential construction training program to accompany CSTS (contributions from ACSA’s members with industry codes associated with residential homebuilding)

We would like to thank you for your support towards making our Alberta construction industry the safest anywhere.

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