What We Heard Report

In the Fall of 2020, Your ACSA initiated a member and stakeholder engagement project with the objective to gather perspectives on the alignment of our mandate, programs, and services with the ongoing needs and emerging trends within the construction safety industry. This project was undertaken to enhance your ACSA’s understanding of industry needs and support a proactive response to the evolving nature of construction safety.

The What We Heard Report summarizes the methodology and findings of member and stakeholder engagement conducted from September through to November, 2020.


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Download the What We Heart Report (PDF)

What We Heard Report: One-Pager Summaries

Your ACSA thanks its members and stakeholders for participating in our recent engagement efforts. The content below summarizes what we heard about the challenges and opportunities that participants identified related to ongoing changes in the safety industry.

To view and download the one-pager summaries, click on the images.


12027 ACSA One Pager Implementing Safety Programs_HR1 12027 ACSA One Pager Respect in the Workplace_HR1 12027 ACSA One Pager Mental Health_HR1 12027 ACSA One Pager Managing Hazards_HR1
Implementing Safety Programs   Respect in the Workplace   Mental Health in the Workplace   Managing Hazards