What We Heard Report

Your ACSA promises to lead and empower the Alberta construction industry to make construction workplaces safer.

Our annual stakeholder survey is one way we gauge how we’re doing. This survey launched in the fall of 2020 and has run for three consecutive years.

In 2023, this stakeholder survey will pause. Instead, we will use this year to go deeper into the survey data from the past three years and use this feedback to refine how we serve the industry.

Thank you for sharing your valuable feedback with us. Our What We Heard Report summarizes key themes and insights from the November 2022 survey.

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2022 feedback: Themes, insights and responses

Below, we highlight some of the themes and insights from your feedback in November 2022 and our initial responses. What are we missing? What should we focus on?

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ACSA impact on safety management systems and behaviour, per the 2022 stakeholder survey


Q. How can Your ACSA help improve health and safety at your workplace?

“A campaign suggesting that workplace injury isn’t based on men being stupid.”

Themes from what you said:

  • Increasing specific types of resources, including best practices, templates, statistics and learnings, toolbox talk resources and printed materials
  • Decreasing the cost of safety
  • Increasing ACSA visibility and accessibility for general advice
  • “All is well” (about 20 per cent of comments)
What we are doing:

  • Creating an inventory of resources to help reduce the most common and severe types of injuries
  • Expanding resources on mental health
  • Continuing to offer Construction Safety Training System (CSTS) and other specific courses at no cost
  • Providing conference programming based on topic-specific suggestions from stakeholders

We can help you with general safety advice. Contact us at info@youracsa.ca. For legal requirements, contact Alberta Occupational Health & Safety directly at 1-866-415-8690.

We have resources online to help you. You can access health and safety posters, signs, inspection tags, assessment checklists, reference materials, and more in our Resources section.


Feedback from course participants

“More in person training.”   “More online courses.”   “More times/availability.”

Themes from what you said:

  • Expand training in all formats (in-person, virtual instructor-led and on-demand)
  • Specific suggestions on topics, format and processes
  • No changes (about 20% of comments)
What we are doing:

  • Increasing training in all formats
  • Offering weekend vILT courses
  • Investigating ways to make our registration processes easier

Take many of our courses at no cost. In addition to our Construction Safety Training System (CSTS), there is currently no cost for specific courses, including Working Around Powered Mobile Equipment, Propane on the Work Site, and WHMIS 2015. Find these and others in our library of courses.

Bring our trainers to you. We’ll train your team all at once at your preferred location. Learn more about our Instruction by Request program.


Feedback from certification holders

“More one-on-one help.”   “More flexibility.”   “Audit software still clunky.”

Themes from what you said:

  • Specific feedback on the audit tool, training, auditor consistency and resources
  • Expand ACSA’s advisory role
  • No changes (about 25% of comments)
What we are doing:

  • Continuing to offer COR/SECOR services to our members at no cost
  • Redeveloping the online auditing platform
  • Hosting webinars on changes to the audit tool and legislation

Small employers: We can help you build your safety management system. Principles of Health and Safety Management for Small Employer Certificate of Recognition (PHSM for SECOR) walks you through how to build a program aligned with the SECOR evaluation tool. Then, our SECOR templates and advisory team can support you the rest of the way.

Are you interested in cheaper options for your COR or SECOR external audit? Consider participating in our peer auditor program. Instead of hiring a consultant, companies swap time with their certified auditors. Audits must be reciprocated within six months.


Feedback from designation holders

“Make it tougher to achieve and maintain.”   “More structured monitoring.”

Themes from what you said:

  • Specific feedback on training, maintenance, monitoring and promotion
  • Varying feedback on level of stringency and leniency
  • No changes (about 25% of comments)
What we are doing:

  • Harmonizing requirements for a National Health and Safety Administrator designation
  • Hosting an online registry that verifies holders of safety designations
  • Investigating ways to enhance and streamline designation programs

Our Regional Safety Committees can support you. They’re a group of committed and experienced health and safety professionals who volunteer to strengthen health and safety in your community. Find your local RSC.


View the full What We Heard Report from the November 2022 stakeholder survey.

Click to download the 2022 stakeholder survey report


Click to view the 2022 stakeholder survey report

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