Your ACSA adopts online proctoring for designation exams

EDMONTON – To modernize programs and align with provincial partners, the Alberta Construction Safety Association (ACSA) transitioned three designation exams to online proctoring.

The National Health & Safety Administrator (NHSA), National Construction Safety Officer (NCSO), and consultant auditor tests will be held exclusively on the web starting in late August.

“We’re very excited to launch this. It’s been a long time coming,” said Lindsey Brogan-MacDonald, human resources manager at the ACSA.

Previously, some students drove long distances or flew from other provinces to write exams. “Sometimes it can be very treacherous,” added Brogan-MacDonald. “Several people came in through ice storms and snowstorms. We don’t want them to be involved in any incident.”

A soft launch occurred in July, with students participating in multiple sessions to refine the process. “It was a great experience for all of them,” noted project coordinator Winston Nyarko. “They provided a lot of good feedback.”

We will have a timer displayed on the screen during online proctoring. There will also be the ability to skip questions and return to them later, according to Nyarko. Once the exam is complete, a form will be available for students to leave comments or concerns.

Brogan-MacDonald advised anyone unfamiliar with the process to remove all distractions and ensure they’re alone in the room. “Your full focus must be on the computer screen,” she explained. “If you look away or pick up your phone, it will raise a red flag. You may have to retake the exam.”

According to Brogan-MacDonald, launching online proctoring will help achieve the eventual goal of becoming a global leader in safety designations. “We have people from New Zealand, Scotland, and the Middle East, so we’ve reached around the world with our courses,” she added. “It’s great to get our name outside of Alberta.”

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